What is Bitcoin?
The main advantages of the Bitcoin currency
Confidentiality, availability of the Bitcoin ewallet anywhere in the world, transaction security and anonymity this is the most attractive properties of Bitcoin.
How to create own Bitcoin account?
To create the Bitcoin wallet, use the proven and reliable sources which give such opportunity. Watch video how to do it.
Bitcoin as the usual means of payments
When you need to purchase something or to pay expenses, just use the one of the authorized exchange points and exchange your Bitcoins on any other currency.
A little bit information about cryptocurrencies
This new generation of the decentralized digital currencies has been created and working only at the Internet. Nobody controls cryptocurrencies, issue of currencies happens by means of work of hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, using programmes for calculation of mathematical algorithms. Exactly in this consists the essence of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Instant payments, protection against inflation and complete confidentiality it is the most important benefits of Bitcoin for ordinary people around the world.