Questions and answers

In this section of our website you will find answers to the main questions which, in our opinion, can arise at our investors and guests of the website. If you can't still find the answer to your question in this section , contact our client support.

What is the New Age Bank?
New Age Bank is a startup of new generation. We are the No. 1 Bitcoin bank and we create the new standards of investment and earnings on the basis of using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Providing credit lines to clients in BTC currency, we expand the opportunity to earn on credit.Giving to investors an opportunity to purchase Deposit Cards by using the safe Bitcoin transactions, we increase capitalization of our bank, pay investors high interest, increase the level of capitalization of funds and give opportunities for further growth and development.
How can you get a profit?
New Age Bank generates profit by the same methods, as any other commercial, non-government bank of the world. Using deposit funds of investors, we finance various credit lines. Investors take interest in placing deposits, and we get interested in providing credit lines. The difference between these amounts net of overhead and operating expenses is exactly the profit of the company.
What credit lines are provided to clients?
The main efforts are focused on the short-term, poorly secured by the bail bonds microcredits for individuals. It is the most profitable method of money provision of loans, and also it is the method of receiving the credits which are the most demanded among clients of the bank. As the amounts issued to clients are not too big, clients are capable to pay solid interest for usage of borrowing funds. Fast and available money for our clients without questions, high profitability and the high speed of returning them from bank. Fair conditions of cooperation at which all parties are left satisfied.
May I obtain the loan in your bank?
It is an issue which is resolved by the special commission on crediting. In addition to accurately limited list of the countries in which our service is available, the commission on crediting together with security service of an online banking is checking each person, using for this the internal protocols. If all checks are undergone normally, you will be able to open a credit line in our bank.
What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
The minimum amount: 0.00015 btc
What is the minimum amount for deposit?
The minimum amount: 0.0001 btc
What does the essence of your achievements consist in business?
We have developed the system which allows to provide credit lines remotely. This mechanism, which has been developed by our specialists has no analogs and has proved itself as the effective tool of implementation of financial transactions online. This development allows us to position itself as an online commercial organization, providing the online banking services with the cryptocurrency funds.
How long have you been working?
New Age Bank is a new company which began its way at the beginning of 2017. We have promptly developed and we strengthened our line items in the market of commercial use of electronic payment means.
How to start earning?
Passive earnings in New Age Bank are possible after you will register on the website of the company.
Can I register at more than one account in the company?
One IP-address is possible for registration of only one account. In case of identification of the fact of multiregistration creation, all these accounts will be blocked without possibility to be restored on any of these accounts.
How to purchase the Deposit Card?
Log in the Personal account, add funds which you intend to spend for purchasing of Deposit Cards, balance the Personal deposit e-wallet which will be provided to you by the program system , choose the Deposit Card and click the “Buy Card” button. Then follow simple instructions of the system. Or you can choose the Deposit Card directly, and then purchase it, having filled the Bitcoin e-wallet provided by the system on the exact purchasing amount. Just click the “Buy Card” button directly .
May I purchase only some part of the Deposit Card?
All Deposit Cards are emitted by bank by the fixed nominal amount. Therefore if you can’t purchase the Deposit Card of a certain nominal at the moment, try to purchase the Deposit Card of a smaller nominal.
May I purchase the Deposit Card not using Bitcoin for payment?
All the deposits are operating by the bank using only the Bitcoin payment processor.
How soon will the purchased Deposit Card bring me a profit?
Validity period of any Deposit Card, as well as final profitability, depends on its cost. Below you can get acquainted with kinds and types of Deposit Cards which are available for purchasing at the moment:
The Beginn Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 30 calendar days
Purchase price is 0.005 BTC
Total income is 0.01 BTC

The Prime Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 29 calendar days
Purchase price is 0.01 BTC
Total income is 0.02 BTC

The Silver Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 28 calendar days
Purchase price is 0.05 BTC
Total income is 0.1 BTC

The Golden Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 27 calendar days
Purchase price is 0.1 BTC
Total income is 0.2 BTC

The Diamond Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 26 calendar days
Purchase price is 0.5 BTC
Total income is 1 BTC

The Classic Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 25 calendar days
Purchase price is 1 BTC
Total income is 2 BTC

The Profi Deposit Card of the NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 24 calendar days
Purchase price is 5 BTC
Total income is 10 BTC

The VIP Deposit Card of NewAge kind.
Term of duration of the Deposit Card is 23 calendar days
Purchase price is 10 BTC
Total income is 20 BTC
How quickly will I get payment of funds after the forming the request for payment?
You will get any available amount for withdrawal not later than after 6 hours from the time you have created a request for payment.
How do the Deposit Cards work?
After you have purchased the Deposit Card of any nominal amount, it starts to bring you the income . Every second on balance of your account the amount which is available for withdrawal will be charged to your Bitcoin e-wallet. All charges will be performed until the validity period of the Deposit Card isn’t expired yet. As a result – you get the 200% from the amount which you paid for the Deposit Card.
What is the most important difference of Deposit Cards?
At the moment all Deposit Cards bring to its owners the 200% from the amount which they have paid for them. But the most important difference consists in validity period of this or that Deposit Card. The more expensive your Deposit Card is, the quicker your profit will reach the value of 200%.
What is the FREE Deposit Card?
It is the Deposit Card for which it isn’t necessary to pay money. This card is available for all participants who register on the company’s website and this card will be available on a temporary basis, giving an opportunity to use the FREE Deposit Card. Using this card, you will be able to get funds to your e-wallet free of charge.
How does the FREE Deposit Card work and what are the conditions of funds withdrawal by this Deposit Card?
FREE Deposit Card can give the user 35,000 Satoshi a day. It is about $0.4. Absolutely free of charge. The minimum amount which one can withdraw on FREE Deposit Card constitutes 500 Satoshi. After the 500 Satoshi are added on the balance, charges will be stopped until the user doesn’t withdraw this amount. And only after this the charges will start again. To withdraw 50 Satoshi on the main balance, you need to click on the FREE Deposit Card the “TAKE TO MAIN BALANCE” button and to type the correct kaptcha, which will confirm, that this transaction isn’t performing by the bot. Thus, approximately each 14-15 minutes you have an opportunity for withdrawal of 500 Satoshi, performing above described actions.
Why does your bank give everyone the FREE Deposit Card?
New Age Bank is a commercial organization and we can’t afford to give money. But in this case providing everyone by the FREE Deposit Card is justified. The amounts which will be paid to users according to this card are our costs for promotion and advertising of our company. We have provided the program of the broad acquaintance with our business to everyone and we are ready to pay for that. Besides, our PR-specialists have come to a conclusion that income which is gained from advertisers, whose banners you can see on our website, owing to increase in attendance of the website, will cover up to 97% of the expenses connected with FREE Deposit Card provision to users. And at the same time we obtain on the website the millions of people who help us to be enhanced and develop your participation and do our bank the No. 1 bank in the Internet. At the same time, we pay your attention that provision of FREE Deposit Card is performed on a temporary basis and can be suspended or stopped at any time. We can also lower the amounts of charges by this FREE Deposit Card, or change conditions according to which it will be possible to withdraw funds from this card or we can change conditions about direct provision of FREE Deposit Card to users.
May I purchase several Deposit Cards at the same time?
Yes. The number of Deposit Cards which you can purchase is unrestricted both by the face value and by the quantity.
What percentage of profitability is provided by the Deposit Card?
You can slearn about all offers by Deposit Cards and their profitability which are available at the moment, having passed into the cards section.
What is the Demo Card?
It is the card which can show you to the full how the system of the profit charges of our bank works. It has no color, and it can be activated free of charge. Funds which are charged on the Demo Card are unavailable for withdrawal. All transactions on the Demo Card are intended to the Card only for acquaintance with process of cooperation and creation of real deposits according to Deposit Cards.
Can I use the Partner program of your bank if I got the FREE Deposit Card?
To have an opportunity to earn partner reward, you should purchase the Deposit Card of the minimum nominal amount. FREE Deposit Card isn’t the Deposit Card which gives the chance to take all advantages of the Partner program.
How much will I get additionally inviting new partners?
For all investors who have purchased at least one Deposit Card of the minimum nominal amount opens an opportunity to get 10% of the amount from the partner whom this investor invited personally. But there is also other version of the Partner program, for more details about it you can learn, having passed into the partner program section.
In what section can I find contacts and support?
Just pass into the “Support” section and use all available opportunities in this section, put your questions to our specialists. We work for you, we create new opportunities of cooperation at which every investor feels himself special and active as a participant of the process.